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The Ways To Turn Zinc Oxide Raw Material To a New Product

Manufacturers are about to turn zinc oxide raw material into a new product before using it. Generally, the process includes three different methods. 

Then, the processed materials will be used for the making of rubber, ceramic, paint, and many more. Here, we are about to discuss the three methods of processing zinc to zinc oxide raw material. 

Processes the Zinc with Oxygen 

Mixing zinc with oxygen is the first method to get zinc oxide material. The manufacturers boil the zinc metal in a big bowl. During the process, they also expose this material to air. 

The purpose of letting the air enter the container is to speed up the next process. In the industry, the result of this process is known as ignite zinc. 

The manufacturers are about to let this new product lower the temperature. The processed zinc turns to zinc oxide raw material powder when it gets cooler. The zinc oxide is ready to use for a variety of purposes. 

Process the Zinc with Water 

Adding water to turn zinc into a new material is known as a cheaper process compared to the first method. Despite its low cost, few manufacturers apply this method to process zinc oxide raw material. It is because of the purity level. 

The zinc oxide powder derived from first method is less pure than the powder resulting from this method. One of the reasons is because this process involves water. The water also impacts the structure of the powder. 

The manufacturers and users often call this product active zinc oxide. Despite its purity and a different structure, some industries still need this type of zinc material. This powder has a more complex chemical activity and a higher surface area.

Mix the Raw Material with Other Materials

Some manufacturers also manage zinc oxide material by mixing the zinc oxide raw material with other materials. The function of this mixing process is to get the chemical reactions. For instance, the manufacturer mixes the raw material with sodium dithionite. 

They get zinc carbonate through this process. The manufacturers will filter this mixture first before drying the powder. Next, they will treat the filtered zinc carbonate by heating it to get the dust.  

This information is critical for those who want to learn more about zinc oxide crumb and its usage. You will learn the way manufacturers process the zinc oxide raw material before producing high-quality zinc oxide. 

It is also important in case you want to buy and use this dust. At least, you understand the right product you must buy according to your project.

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